Q.1. How can I apply for e-banking facility?
Q.2. How will I get my Login ID & Password?
Q.3. How to login with my login ID & password?
Q.4. What do I do if I forget my password?
Q.5. Who can avail Internet Banking facility?
Q.6. Is there any charge for this service?
Q.7. What are the functionalities offered in internet banking?
Q.8. Are there any transaction limits applicable to the transactions I can perform on NKGSB Quick Net?
Q.9. How safe are my requests/transactions on e-banking?
Q.10. What kind of hardware and software are recommended for using e-banking more efficiently?
Q.11. What are the different type of modes available to access NKGSB Bank Internet Banking?
Q.12. Why is my Login Password not functioning?
Q.13. How do I change my Login Password?
Q.14. Bill Payment
Q.15. Beneficiary Management:-
Q.16. Debit Cards:-
Q.17. Online TD / RD creation:-
Q.18. Scratch Card and Loyalty Points

Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions and the liabilities document properly before you access the e-banking system.